Friday, February 28, 2014

Lesson learnt

Hello! Im sad to say that I lost my phone yesterday morning while I was at the gym.

I have a few backdated entries which I wanted to post but I guess I'll just skip them because I lost all my photos:(

I guess I can only take this incident as a lesson learnt. I was rushing to attend my 9.30 am class yesterday. I was early for the class initially, but the lift broke down so I went by the stairs to the sixth storey. When I reached my gym, it was 9.30 already. I quickly put all my things down on the bench in the changing room then started arranging them into my locker. I think at that moment , my towel was covering my phone so i forgot to put it into my locker. Afterwards, I took my towel and rushed to class. I was one of the latest to enter the class.. And about 5 minutes after the class started, I realized that my phone was not with me and I had zero memory of putting it into my locker.. But due to my super egotistic personality, I refused to leave the class to check out the bench cause it is super paiseh to leave the class halfway. And I was rather confident of myself cause I'd never been so careless.

That class however, was the worst class I've ever attended (not saying this because I lost my phone). I couldn't catch up with the moves cause when my teacher asked if anybody was a first timer, I did not raise my hands high enough.. And throughout the class, I was just awkwardly dancing like a duck -_-

After the class, I headed to the lockers straight away to check if I left my phone in my lockers.. It wasn't there.. And I felt so stupid to think that it would still be on the bench after an hour LOL. So I headed to the counter to ask if anybody reported my phone, and there wasn't anyone.. Then Rachel helped me to call my phone and it was already shut down. It was only until then that it hit me that my phone was gone for good.

Ofc, there are as many good people around as the number of bad people. I started asking people if they saw my phone. Some of the ladies were very kind and helped me ask around too. One even offered me her phone to track my phone using the find my iphone app, which proves to be useless cause my phone couldn't be tracked as it was already offline.

But I must say that one lady really made me very touched because she was really kind and even helped me ask the counter people to ask all the gym members whether they saw my phone before they leave. Its like she was more worried than I am. And I must admit that I wouldn't be as helpful as her if a stranger lost her phone.

So I guess its a rather big lesson cause I have no phone now and all my memories are gone.
But I guess I can feel from this incident that who really cares and who doesn't because only a few of my friends tried contacting me :')

So I guess it shows how 'important' I am to most people :')

Anyway, here's a photo of my ootd a few days back. Luckily I posted it on lookbook already so I still have a softcopy of it.. 

Alright, I'm gonna go out already! I'm holding a flea at Bugis area (shophouses near Haji Lane) so do drop by if you're gonna be at Bugis area.

Thanks for reading <3