Saturday, February 22, 2014

How I spent my sartuday

Met up with 4/6'13 peeps ytd for a quick lunch!
Dined at hot tomato and yes, I took photo of my food. But I was so 腻 of it in the end that even when I look at the photo now I feel sick so I shall not post it.

Felt a little left out during the lunch cause most of them were in JCs and could talk about their orientation etc. HAIS:(

But nevertheless, it was still a nice day with them^^

Metup with junyuan,Kwan Wei and wenyi afterwards and we headed to Somerset to catch 'don't click'.
While we were heading towards Ceineleisure, wenyi and I stood under the shade to wait for the traffic light while kw and jy went ahead to wait for the traffic light and here's the interesting part..

There were some students having some activity and they spotted them. So they were approached and asked to join the lovers category for a run/marathon HAHAHAH *inserts a million smirk faces.

Then they wanted to capture a photo of them tgt but somehow wenyi and I are dragged into it as well hahaha >.< 

After we bought our tickets, we went to scape and took some neoprints. Haven't taken one for about two years omg:x and poor Junyuan was dragged into this HAHAHAH OOPS

Then we headed to Tea Tozz where they allowed us to take as much toppings as we wanted for our drink. I kinda thought that the pop balls looked like water babies and disgusted all of them with my thought hehe.

Then we headed to watch the movie and it stressed me out so much that I cried. Really cannot watch horror movies :( but there was one part where I shocked wenyi cause I grabbed her hand suddenly cause I was too scared hahaha sorry >.<"

With my girls hehe:
And here's my ootd^^
Cap: selling on carousell @shophelicopters (my shop)
Rainbow knitted pullover: from KSL 
Galaxy skirt: used to sell on my blogshop

Hope you all had a great Saturday too^^

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