Saturday, February 15, 2014

V day!

11: Last movie I saw in theatres was the lion men! It was a rather nice movie cause the dances were very nice! But I think its a little too long and got boring at times.. But overall still quite nice.

Two days ago was Valentine's day! Celebrated mine with my friends^^ 
We headed to Sbw park for a picnic~

*Inserts selfie*
Tried to take 'ootd' shots but got a little too excited in the end LOL

Birthday Girl !! 

Then we headed to the playground nearby as we hid Taffy's presents there! 

scared of heights but must fake happy when taking photos LOL

Selfies with the girls :D
"stand like you're in a beauty pageant" LOL

Full group shot :D

Afterwards, we went to 834 to meet with the others and had zichar!

Birthday guy and girl in middle:)
Guess the pictures explains everything and there is nothing much for me to talk about so I shall end with a few more random photos:)


Thanks for reading:)

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