Saturday, February 22, 2014

I want to be part of #NuffnangIs007 at Fullhouse Signature Singapore!

So excited to say that Nuffnang is going to turn seven! I've joined nuffnang for about a year now and I'm proud to say that I love nuffnang!

Really hope that I can win this year's invite to Nuffnang's birthday bash! :D

Reasons why I love Nuffnang is that it gave me quite a lot of opportunities to try out new things and meet more people! Here are some of the events Nuffnang gave me a chance to attend!

My first event that I attended was to watch Monster's University's screening!
Went with Jasmine for that event!
Overly excited me
I saw Zoe(a nuffnang blogger) at the event too!

Another Event that I attended was to watch Plane's premium screening!  Went to Jasmine for that event too and we ended up reviving a little of our childhood as we got ourselves cotton candy and balloons that day! It was super memorable cause it was probably our first time staying out so late on a school day!
*inserts old selfie*
I must really say that Nuffnang gave me a sort of motivation to continue blogging as it increased my blog stats as I blog more regularly after I joined Nuffnang! It kinda made me feel good (安慰-ed) because I  know that people actually bother reading what I write and that's what made me continue blogging on a regular basis. Used to have a blog in primary school when I didn't join nuffnang. I would blog only once in a blue moon and it didn't last long. But I've had this blog since last year and its still surviving :') 

Also, Nuffnang is really easy to use and we do not need to post daily adverts on our other social media accs that make us appear too despo. All we need to do is just to place it in our blog and that's it! Blogging is something I love and earning money from it is like a plus benefit given to me by nuffnang:D

Really hope I get a chance to be part of nuffnang's Birthday Bash this year!

fingers crossed//

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