Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day nine

How important I think education is.
To me, basic education is very important. Like communication skills and some simple mathematics. Communication skills are definitely a must to learn in education.
 For example, I was in Malaysia the other day and this Malay guy approached me and starting talking a super long string of Malay. I had no idea what he was saying and I said  "saya tak tau malayu" ( I don't know Malay In Malay ) then he still continued talking LOL. I don't know whether I said it wrongly or what but it definitely made me feel the importance of communication skills. 
I think education is quite important cause it gives us a better job in future(?) -according to many people anyw. 

And I also think that people should have some knowledge if not its kinda sad..
Okay I don't wanna sound like I'm writing an argumentative essay here so I shall stop hehe.
Anyw, here's a family photo when I was in Malaysia! I was bathing when they wanted to take a photo so I guess that explains why I am holding a towel :')
(And looking worse than normal:( )
Didn't do much when I was in Malaysia cause almost all the shops were closed.
Here's my outfit when coming back to sg!

Met up with jasmine yesterday to shop! Got myself a new pair of shoes from New Look cause it was on sale and my mum threw away one pair of shoes in the morning:')
We had Hot Tomato for lunch!
Taking this photo probably was the most unlucky thing I did ytd.
Left my plastic bag on a chair while I was taking this photo. But I was blind and did not see a lump of bird shit on the chair.. So when I carried the bag, the shit came onto my leg:') and I became a real shit friend :( 

Then she came over to my house and joined us for steamboat!^^
Hashtag twelve cupcakes

And today, I had an impromtu meetup with Krystal!

Was adjusting my shirt when this shot was taken LOL.

Then we had 我爱台妹!favourite food at bugis^^ but I think I will regret eating it when my sore throat acts up tmr morning.

Geek's selfie
Thank god Krystal bought her specs jn and wore it so my specs look like a fake one too hehe. Can't wait for my eyes to recover so that I can wear contacts again ^^

Last ootd shot:

Anyw, just now one angmoh promoter came over and asked us if we are from singapore or worked in singapore. So I guess our usual step tourist succeeded LOL. I answered no so that he will not sell us his products but Krystal exposed me and said that we're from sg hais:( #iamaliar
Alright thanks for reading!^^

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