Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 10

First 10 songs that play when my music is in shuffle mode:

1: 深情相拥
2: 知足- 五月天
3:我要快乐- 张惠妹
4:fly away- 梁静茹
5: 宽如- 神木与瞳
6:夏天的风- 温岚
8: 她来听我的演唱会- 张学友
10: 你知道吗-萧敬腾
Before doing this post, I had no idea that I can put my music on shuffle using musicFM (the app I use for music). And yup, almost all my songs are in Chinese.

Blogging now cause I can't sleep:(
Was bored at home these few days cause I don't have work and I decided to do cross stitching the other day! 
I'm still stuck here and I've already given it up for two days ha ha :(


Sorry for this shitty update.. Will do a better one tmr I hope. 

I wish school starts soon cause I'm sick of this life already.

Everybody just leaves in the end. 

You can leave this blog now bye.

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