Thursday, December 26, 2013

Second Last Post

This is probably the second last post for 2013 so that explains this post's title. I'm really busy with work and addicted to my taiwan dramas so I guess that's why there is a significant decrease in blogposts compared to last month.. 
Was at home the other day and I got bored and decided to play with makeup. Got a little annoyed by my fringe and I went to cut it. 

end product.... :
any difference? 
As for last wednesday, I went to sing K with krystal!
Bus shot

another OOTD ? 
Anyw, does my head looks like its gonna drop? I thought so and if you're following me on instagram, you've probably seen my caption and judged me. HAHA
We decided to grab a coffee that day too!
Best drink ever :D

Then Krystal took this shot of me hehe. I love my shoes cause it made my legs looked longer..(I thought so anyway)
Got stranded at civic cause of the rain but I had plastic bags with me and we made them in an umbrella.. Smart annort? LOL. Plus, my shoes can act as rainboots :')

As for friday, We had our off days tgt coincidentally again and decided to head to MIYOC sales cause I had the priority pass:D
while queueing
Rachel texted me and came along too! This photo was taken before she came so we didn't have any photos with her! 

After the sales, I headed to Jcube with my mum to catch a movie(风暴) ! Didn't really enjoyed myself because all the people looked the same in the show and I didn't really understood :(
Had a really shit day with my eyes and they itched as though there are one thousand ants crawling inside:( Thought I looked really ugly so the next ootd's are all either headless or too dark to see my face.

stepping on stardust? 
Christine under christmas tree :)
Shall post my next post in the next two days ok! It'll be on the memorable things that happened this year! Bye! I gotta go catch my drama!

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