Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I'm feeling very annoyed rn so I shall rant here.
Was craving so badly for my favourite drink just now that I went downstairs just to get it. The lady who usually makes the drink for me wasn't free so I placed my order with another woman. The woman told me that it was $1.80, then I told her that I always buy this drink and it's only $1.60  -plus, it was printed $1.60 on the signboard. She refused to believe me and refused to look at the signboard wtf. So I told her that I want the other lady to serve me. Then she told me that even if the lady serve me, the drink will be $1.80 cause she is the boss. Then I had no choice so I agreed to pay since I was craving for it so badly. However, even though I agreed, nobody made an attempt to make my drink for me. Then I stood there waiting for five minutes like an idiot while they served other customers. Then I asked the lady to make the drink for me but she told me that she cannot do what her boss didn't tell her to. So I waited again. 
The stupid boss however, just kept complaining how the signboard was wrong and how she is right and still didn't make my drink. 
I didn't know why but I rolled my eyes and left- something I wouldn't do usually. 

I don't know what's wrong with her but it's only 20 cents and she made such a big fuss? 
But I'm definitely angry that I didn't get my drink :(

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