Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Malaysia trip!

Had my off day on monday and I had nowhere to go! Was talking to JunYuan and I decided to tag along with them to Malaysia! 
It was my first time going overseas without my parents and I was rather excited! 
First, we went to Citysquare for lunch! After deciding for a long time, we went into a restaurant called Dragon-I. 
some of our food :D

mine :(  (RM15)
Didn't read the menu carefully and I ended up ordering some vegeterian noodles :( Only ate about half of it cause it tasted really weird :(
Xiao long bao!  (RM 10.30)
Shared this xiaolongbao with JY! This photo don't do any justice to the baos cause it definitely tasted much nicer than how it looks.
my 杨枝甘露  (RM9)
I was the only one who ordered dessert and was super stressed cause everyone ended up waiting for me to finish :o plus, my eating speed is like a tortoise....
The total bill came up to about RM$180 and I think the price is rather acceptable since there were 5 people!

We wanted to go to Jusco at first but ended up going to KSL! The cab couldn't take all five of us so I shared the cab with Shunhui and Junyuan while the other two shared another cab!
It was also my first time going to KSL mall cause I don't shop at JB..
The mall sold many mobile accessories at super cheap prices heh! Wanted to buy a 3M long phone cable initially but the idea was scraped cause it didn't work with my phone:( 

Also, there was a shop selling 2 pairs of 3months coloured contacts at only RM25. Didn't buy them and I regret now :( 

Then we walked around and decided to have another round of dessert!

Blackballs - RM 6.90
After that, we went to catch Battle of the year! It was a nice movie and Sg is only showing it tomorrow:P  The theatre was super cold and my feet were numb after the show:( Luckily, we didn't catch 'Frozen', otherwise we would be really into the show (no puns intended haha)

After the movie, we went around shopping and still got ourselves a Magnum each (despite being so cold) cause it was only RM4 hehe. 

Also got myself a peplum top and Popteen Magazine! Wanted to get the Magazine when I was at Kinokuniya last week and I'm glad I didn't cause its only RM$14 while Kinokuniya was selling it for SGD$11.20!  #successfulauntie

After that, we went to have Chili/Sambal (?) stingray!
RM 10.80

Had loads of food that day and I really enjoyed myself! Shall go again soon :D 

As for yesterday, work was really like shit and I'm dreading tomorow. Hope all goes well // 

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