Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ice skating

Went ice skating last Friday with Wenyi, kwanwei Junyuan and shunhui!^^

Was watching YouTube videos the day before and I got very inspired to do Mickey Mouse nails so here is it:
In order to match my nails, I wore a Mickey pullover:D

Group photo:

Supposingly a "girls photo" but Junyuan is welcome to join HAHAH JK


Kwan Wei fell down and JY took photo of her on insta, and so I agreed to help her take revenge...
But ended up falling myself:(
冤枉 sia:(

HAHAHAH this photo omg

After that, we decided to have lunch. None of them like fast food so we had linner buffet at Chili's :(
Some of our food :

Then after that, we had a free ice cream to share(thanks to kw cause its her birthday month^^) 

Yum heheh! Had a really fun day and can't wait to go out with them again! But I think we're gonna watch a horror movie the next time we go out and I cmi :( Let's hope they decides to watch a comedy show instead :P 

Till next time! 

(Thanks for reading even though its quite a short post!)

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