Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Off to Malaysia

Had cip ytd and the day before ytd!
Was selling badges at bishan the day before ytd!
Watched man of steel after that! 
The show was very nice in my opinion cause I love American action movies:D however, the theatre was too cold and I was shivering throughout! Hope nobody notice that my chair keep shaking LOL.
As for ytd, did a flag day for SPCA! 
Stood outside jubilee square..
The people were rather kind and most of them donated:) there was even a lady who told me not to do flag day cause of the haze! There was another lady who was very cute! She donated into my tin , took the flag and stuck it on me LOL!
However, we left our bags on the floor and the patrolling police came and questioned me and took down my name and ic lol.

At the end of the shift, my tin was almost full---best achievement cause normally its only half^^ 

Went to Malaysia last night and finally have access to wifi now!
Reached the place only at about 12.30am.
The train took like 5 hours as it was one hour late. Didn't want to go to the toilet before the train ride as I was lazy. Then when I was on the train, i accidentally drank too much water after eating then it wasn't too good for me LOL. The train toilet was smell-able before I even go in so I die die remain in my seat >.< 
After we reached, they decided to eat first before going home -- too bad for me uh D:
Had a sinful supper of iced milo and wanton noodles! 
Too good not to post because its gao gao and nice unlike those in singapore which is super bland!
wanton noodles! Nice but I think the colour is a little extreme uh!:B

After that we finally went to my uncle's new house and then back to my grand house^^
The air is good here and the surrounding is clear! 
The house in front of the mountain is my grand's house anyw^^ (took this at another house)
heard that singapore has a PSI of 371 just now! Well, a little disappointing that I can't experience it but I feel more glad actually.  I have sinus and I'm sure with the haze, my tap nose cmi alr:( 
plus, there were yellow discharges from my eye ytd as my chalazion burst (I think) even though its still visible on my eye. Couldn't wear contacts for the whole day as it hurt quite badly. I still have slight blurring of vision every now and then but it's better alr!  Hope everybody in singapore take care and stay healthy!

Anyw, a stray dog came to my grand's coffee shop in the morning and I played with it! 
It had eye shit and I tried to clean her eyes with tissue but everybody start to scold me and say its very dirty then I have to leave it alone:(  

Super excited cause I'm going shopping later! But currently I have nothing to do until then! 

Ok bye^^

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