Saturday, June 22, 2013

Crew gathering (part 2)

This is a super backdated post as I didn't have time to type it out!
Went to a second crew gathering last Sunday!
Took some photos!

Ootd- peplum denim top and fluffy shorts:D

Photos of the food and drinks!

Sizzling chicken!

Roasted my marshmallows untill they were burnt and they tasted super nice! I BBQ them usually too but it tasted nicer that day, guess it was cause the insides melted and the caramel-ish smell came out!
Went to the seaside to play after cooking and had seaside racing! Lost almost all the match but it was super fun YAY. Then we had to wash our legs cause of the sand and the girls toilet had nobody and four lizards so I asked weizhi and Shunlong to go in with me and they really did HAHAHAHA regretted not taking photos!
Group photo! Credits to mars:)

Went to sing k after that! We separated into two rooms as we sang different songs!
Ended at about 1am and we took photos outside some yoghurt/ice cream shop!

Really enjoyed my time that day! 

Thanks for reading^^

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