Saturday, June 22, 2013

Malaysia (part 2)

Typed this post as I was on the train back to singapore cause there was seriously nothing for me to do there.
 Went shopping on the second night!
Took photo in front of the escalator cause I zilian and not scared of death..
Ok jk its not even moving:B

Got the top at scape for $3 and found it impossible to match with any bottom as its too long as a cropped top and too short as normal top. But luckily, I got this galaxy skirt that pull the look off normally. ( selling it on my igbs at $16 too) 

After that, we went to eat supper at a restaurant.

The bird nest looking like thing is made of yam. Don't really eat yam usually but I'm surprised that I really like this one as the yam is really crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside.

The rest of the food~~

As for the second day, we just slacked at home almost the whole time. 
But we went out and have dinner at the same restaurant again as there don't seem to be any other shop o.o
Everybody was super impressed by the waitress as she held 12-13 glasses LOL.
The food was only okay that night and the presentation is really not pretty. I guess cause there were more customers that night and they couldn't be bothered :/
Went to my uncle's house after that and he showed us some unprocessed bird's nest (still with feathers) that he got from his bird's house.

Thess are those on built straight walls.
And these are those built on corners.

I was very interested and asked him to bring us along to the house where he kept the birds.

So he brought us there this morning!
The place had on more than ten locks as there were people who steal the bird's nest..
There were another door after this door and I felt like I'm going into some secret compartment!

This is the bird's nest built on corners!

As for the picture above, I know its really blur, but if you all look carefully, you can see a bird sitting/standing on top of a nest!

Shall show you all one more wonder


A wall full of bird shit HAHAH ok lame XD

This is the place where the birds fly in from!

You must be wondering now.. How can the birds know how to fly into the house now right? 
There is actually a Siren which attracts the birds. It's super noisy and I took a video of it! 

Then we took the train to come back to sg!
Took some photos at the railway cause I like the scenery muahahha!

With my grandpa and brother!

One more :B

Will miss Malaysia a lot cause I'll probably not be going back till next year!
Please be impressed cause I made this lychee mango ice blended myself:D

Ok thanks for reading :)

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