Saturday, June 15, 2013


Blogging this post while I'm on the train so I'm keeping it short! I'm on my way to the blogshops GSS yay!! 
Attended two marriages last week!
First on was at registry of marriages so that the couple can register!
Here's my ootd!
After that, we went to Beisheng for dinner!
Sotong, sambal kangkong, fish and pineapple fried rice!
Pot tofu, cereal prawns, Tom yum soup and black pepper crabs!
Love the prawns and crabs! Especially the prawns cause its super juicy! 
As for the second marriage, its a Malay marriage at pasir ris! 
Got myself a cotton candy frappe before going and I didn't really liked it as its really bland! Shall stick to caramel next time:(
It's only my second time attending a Malay marriage and I liked all the desserts! Plus there is a station for us to make our own mee soto!

The place for the groom and bride to sit! It's super grand looking!
So I took advantage of the decorations and snapped a selfie!

Anyw I cut my hair just now:
The hairdresser laughed at me and asked if I banged on the wall cause my fringe was covering my eyes by a lot before I cut:(

Okay, the sale is gonna start bye!!

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