Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm a failure at baking T.T

Tried baking macarons for the forth time and it failed:( they just ended up looking like flat pancakes:( tried baking as I'm going Malaysia tmr and I wanna bring it there but now I don't even know if I should.  The surface just won't be smooth and IT JUST DOESN'T WANNA FORM FEETS:(  
Plus three accidents happened while I was baking and I'm banned from baking alr:(
First, I spilled my almond flour on the floor and despite mopping it three times, its still super oily and sticky.
Second, I thought the baking pan was cold already and I went to grab it and burnt my hand.
Third, I wanted to keep some of the macarons in cling wrap and scratched my pinky with the 'saw' while tearing the cling wrap and it bleeded:(

Bye I'm a sad failure:(

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