Monday, June 17, 2013

Monster university 3D

Went to watch monster university yesterday at The Cathay thanks to nuffnang:)

Was supposed to meet jasmine at 5.30 but I was late as I found a roach in my dresser table and I had to wait for it to die and clean out its shit as it left me 5 of its precious droppings :@
But we were still not late yet^^

Saw Zoe there and I asked for a photo again HAHA

The movie was quite nice and I kinda like the ending cause it wasn't like those typical endings! And the show really can make you feel sad for the character--mike.
There were also funny parts that made everybody laughed out loud, totally make it not like in a theatre. Before the movie, a lady told us not to leave the place after the movie end so we stayed after the show. Waited for the credits to end which took about 5 minutes and a lot of people left alr! There was another 2-3 minutes 'ending' and it was totally worth it cause its super cute!! Haha not gonna spoil it for you so go watch it yourself^^

Here's my ootd- peplum dress with cropped jacket 

 Will be having a street sales at bishan later and flag day tmr at amk so I don't think I'll blog much. Bye^^

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