Saturday, March 2, 2013


omg finally back to blogging after like two weeks cause there was common test and I didn't want to be distracted.
So in this post, I shall blog about my CNY even though its over for one week alr:P
Went to malaysia on 初一 at around 6am.
Took the bus at 8.00 am and only reached my grandma house at 2.00pm
Didn't really do anything much that day except for sleeping (on the bus and when I reached my grandma house)

woke up at about 6.00pm then i started to celebrate my 初一 hehe.
Received many angbaos WOOHOO.


Then at night, went to cousins' house to gamble and play table tennis. Won a few rounds and Im happy heheh.
As for 初二, went to visit some of my mum's relatives (sorry idk who)
here's my ootd


Vain so there's another one

Then at night, we went to shop and bought my supply of contact lens cause its cheaper to buy from there. *cheapo*  after that we went to 佛光山..

here's one I taken with my super young cousins

then at midnight, some rich fellars set fireworks again so i took a video from the balcony (:

went home on 初三 as there's school the following day. :(
no ootd as its just the same as 初一 cause i was too lazy to pack any.

apparently nothing interesting happened for my whole cny after that except for day 14.
went to Bainian at Shutheng's house with Jasmine and Pohyee.
Wore a houndstooth shoulder cut-out crop with floral highwaist.
Gambled and my luck was super good in the beginning hehehe.
I banluck-ed for three times out of the five times I was banker heheh :DDD

Pohyee's luck was not so good LOL. when she banker, everybody Banluck LOL.

won about $3+ cause I lost some money in the end. 
photos while going home!

so that's the end of my CNY. How's yours? :D

As for today, went to Bugis with Taffy, Yongting and Krystal.
Phototaking on train :P

wasn't feeling quite well as I was sick for the past few days. I think my fever came back today and I felt really horrible on the way back to woodlands.
but it doesn't matter cause I bought what I wanted to buy from there YAY!!!


Hope I can recover soon omg sucks to be sick :(

Will update more often since common test is over (:

Bye for now!

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