Thursday, March 28, 2013


Actually.. I blogged about this post on saturday but didn't post it cause it was on my phone and the format was very messy..
Went to ktv on sat with Kwan Wei and Wenyi after work!
I thought it would be awkward at first since we haven't seen each other for years:/
But unexpectedly, we talk quite naturally and had a lot of lame jokes :b
Reached marsiling cc at about 3pm I swear we chose a lot of songs which we never completed in the end:/ (left with 9 pages )

when singing :D

kwan wei's ootd
dont have wenyi one cause she belly shy :P
but here's a photo of us three^^

One of the most fun and memorable song we sang was 一步一步来 cause Kwan Wei and I and two other people formed a group when we were p4 and performed the song and got first in the singing competition :B
don't know where I got the guts last time HAHAHA.

Shall post a little part of the song here!
we sang without the audio and I think im super out of tune >.<  (the deeper voice which stopped in the middle cause cannot reach :/  )
Ok u can choose not to hear if you dw LOL.

Here's another video!  Kwan Wei singing solo! Swear she sing thmm nice omg!!

Then after singing, we took some photos and I went to eat KFC with Wenyi. Thanks for the birthday gifts! She is super sweet omg and never failed to forget my birthday every year even though we live so far apart now. Haha saw something on twitter that said that if you are friends for more than seven years, you'll be friends for life YAYAY!!

After eating at KFC, I went to yishun to meet my mum to celebrate my birthday at bakerzin ! Here's the food we ate!

had sports carnival today but I'll only post the photos after work tmr bah ! bye~

Ps, I edited the slideshow banner to all photos of same size if not the screen will keep moving :/

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