Friday, March 22, 2013

New resolutions

Hi! It's Friday and the march hols are gonna be over! :(
Did badly for last term even though I worked quite hard. I got a very high 2 digit L1R5:/

Don't understand why I'm always unable to finish my homework on time even though I spend as much time as others. Maybe its because im not as smart, but i will try my best to improve. So, I shall try other methods in the next term:)

Made new resolutions for the next term so that I can do better. ^^
1. Work only one day per week of four to six hours.
2. Sleep before 11 everyday.
3. Don't waste more than an hour on stupid stuff like games.
(I got addicted to candy crush again and i'm at level 109 fml)
4. Do everything faster. Especially dinner ( I take 1-3 hours)

Okay I can't think of more now but I will definitely try my best to achieve these four^^

Spent my whole day doing homework and I only completed emaths cause I wasted a lot of time just staring into space. Hope I can complete them by Sunday:/

Can't wait for tmr cause I'm meeting Wenyi and Kwan Wei for ktv after my work ends at 12 and have dinner with my mum after that :D

Haven't seen Wenyi and Kwanwei for donkey years and I'm sure they haven't seen each other longer!
Hope it won't be awkward and we can get along as well as last time:)

Gonna share a lobang I read in 'Elle' magazine yesterday.
SMS 'doy' to 91115541 and follow their steps to redeem a Nutriganics smoothing day cream from the body shop worth $14.90.
Please thank me for this HAHA.

Okay Nights!^^


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