Saturday, March 30, 2013


Boohoo I'm sick again:'(

I'm running a fever plus flu :(

Started today when I woke up for work. Was really feeling unwell but I cannot skip work cause nobody will believe me as I was sick last month too:( made a lot of errors and refunds during work and this sucks.
Another thing that pissed me off at work was that I got scolded by an unreasonable customer. He ordered two sets of food with coffee and milo, I didn't tell him that milo needs to top up 55cents and when the receipt was printed out, he asked me about the price again. I replied him nicely(i swear) and he just keep glaring at me and started to scold me. If he told me nicely for exchange, I wouldn't have been so angry. Worst thing is I still had to smile omg kill me please. He just kept saying that it wasn't his fault for the error. I apologized but he still kept nagging like an old shit, SUPER BAD EXAMPLE FOR YOUR SON LA OLD MAN. 55cents 大过牛车轮 issit-.-
It's like, if you want better food, you should pay more and I'm sure no shop sells milo for the same price or lower than normal coffee. So it's like, it's common sense and you're scolding me like a mad dog for having no common sense yourself? Secondly, my colleague took the wrong food for him. Yup, you got it right, he came back and scolded me. HELLO THIS TIME REALLY NOT MY FAULT LA.
Then my afternoon plans after work was cancelled as I was lazy yesterday plus feeling kinda sick. So I just went home and sleep:)
Okay shall stop my rantings HEHE! and go to sleep now.
Hope I recover tomorrow xoxo

here's a selfie I took last week!

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