Sunday, March 17, 2013


Finally back to blogging! Didn't blog for the previous 2 weeks cause I was busy and partly cause there were not much exciting stuff. But since its the march hols now, i shall do this quick update (:

Went to pool last Saturday with Junyuan and Shunhui!
Had been planning this outing since last year but only went last week as we didn't plan it well and I was quite busy:/
Went to school in the morning for flag day at cck! Collected about $55 :)
Then went to meet JY and SH at woodlands!
Kept losing in the game cause I haven't been playing for very long:(

camwhoring with sh's cap

with junyuan(:

shun hui cause he die also dw take photo with me.
then after that we went arcade and played PIU and jubeat and some midnight thing.

As for friday, there were some poly talks and we attended the rp one and i won myself a bear heheheh.
Looking forward to tomorrow cause I'm going somerset with Jasmine for some serious shopping and to exchange my phone + service my macbook :/

11 more days to my birthday and to be honest, I'm not really looking forward to it this year.

Hope I have time to update this space more often.

shall end this post now with all the food I ate tonight and make you all drool :b


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