Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Went to orchard with jasmine on Monday and it was quite fun hehe!
First we shopped at forever 21 then went to fix my phone at the Singtel building! Singtel replaced me with a new phone and I lost all my contacts, messages and music :/ (backed up my photos only) Do text me if you think I don't have your number!
Was quite pleased that I got a new phone in the beginning. However, when I reached home, I found out that I didn't check the phone properly and there is a small scratch at the side of the screen:(
心痛 SIA.
But nevermind! :')
we continued shopping and I almost died cause I was carrying a watsons bag with three boxes of contacts solution and a bottle of eye bath plus a super heavy laptop:(
Didn't repair my laptop in the end as it would have costed me $700 which was not very worth it.
Shall share two cute things that happened during this trip:
1. I was with jasmine at Topshop, standing beside a cropped top with 'Dweeb' printed on it.
Then three girls walked past and without realizing that jasmine was wearing the exact same shirt, one of them said 'dweeeeebb' in a very high pitched and mocking tone. Then jasmine became angry and while thinking that they weren't looking, she took her plastic bag and pretended to slap them with it LOLOL.
Then coincidentally, the girl turned around and saw her action. plus her friend saw jasmine's shirt and told her that. It became very awkward for a moment for both parties but we started laughing non stop after the awkward few seconds. Omg I swear it was very funny then even though it doesn't sound funny here cause I cannot write out the way she pronounced the word:(


hahah my second story was when I was waiting to enquire for repair for my laptop..
My queue number was quite long so i went to the apple shop beside the repair shop walked around. I was about to leave the shop when the sales boy(super cute) stopped me and asked if I was wearing colored contacts. Then he stared straight into my eyes LOL SHY.

Ok shall stop my spazzing now:b

Here's what I ate + what I wore that day!

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