Monday, February 18, 2013


Actually... This post is just my rants and food hehe.

Self Customised Apple shandy :p

Chocolate chip mocha

Oreo mocha

I have no idea why but I keep making drinks these few days hehe. Well maybe I'll have a drinks stall someday and pls come and buy from me then LOL.
Tbh I actually had a dream of opening a bubble tea shop when I was p5/p6.
Well.. I should just stop day dreaming I guess.

Had English common test today and its quite challenging:/
Then had Chinese compo test which was slightly better compared to English(;
Only had 3 hours of sleep last night as I couldn't sleep sigh. but I overslept this morning :/ Woke up at 7.14 and I chiong-ed like shit and was only 1 min late yay. But I almost died for PE though cause I didn't have breakfast. Sad kid is me sigh.
Hope tmr's Chinese email will be better!

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