Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sports carnival

Had sports carnival yesterday!!
Played in group 3 for the core games!
my group had : me, jasmine, eugene,chunsiong and qitai.
won the other team!! ^^
was playing the match halfway and 4/6 started to sing a birthday song for me!
super paiseh and funny but thanks <3
only took polaroids in the morning but took photos after I got my phone from the class!

here's the photo spam:
with xuesi <3

With act cute angeline :P

now we act sian

with peggy 

with songlin

yay my favourite pose

with rizqy

With twinney <3

Kiss LOL



with lirui!

with zihuan

with jianzhi, please look at zihuan's face!

with Nicholas


with chen hui

with Yijie

with Yiling

with Joey

went to play in the mass games after taking photos (had a three hour interval after core games)
the first match was the netball match at 1.51! 
played for three matches and went to basketball after that!

got second for netball and I was super happy even though I didnt get to play or see the finals!

Then at basketball, I played during the second match and managed to score two goals yay!
after that , there was another short break.

watched the third match and someone told me something unintentionally which made me angry and sad. I told Jasmine of it then i don't know why but I became very emotional and started crying. omg super diulian plus I couldn't stop myself wtf. 
Don't really understand how come some people can just shoot out comments without considering what others will feel.
Then at the forth match, the match was terminated halfway as it started to rain. went to the hall for the wet weather programme. 
felt super guilty cause my crying made lirui cry even though it wasn't her fault at all.
love you loads okay <333

collected the netball medal and went to causeway point to meet my blogshop customer who never showed up.  I have no idea why she want to lie to me :@
And i seriously don't understand why she couldn't tell me she don't want the item and not make me go there for nothing. 

Overall, yesterday was a very shitty day in the afternoon. sweet 16 is just a lie.
but I cheered myself up with chocolate icecream today cause there is no point being sad over stupid people and things.
here's the class photo i ripped from facebook :B

thanks for reading my rants and here's the polaroid photos !

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