Saturday, October 12, 2013


warning: musical-ish post
Krystal came over to my house jn! We planned to study initially but ended up making loads of videos! Here's one when we just began partying!

I guess the triangular head is the lamest thing anyone can ever make out of sunlight :') plus the helium voice effect was so funny (maybe to me only) and I laughed at myself everytime i watched it.

Haven't been meeting her for so long and I'm glad that we still have so much things to talk about:)
we went to the playground downstairs to slack a while before going home to make some more videos! 
shall post everything here since all of them took so much efforts!  
we recorded 4 different songs! you can choose not to watch the videos if you do not want to but I guess they are the main point of this post~
安静了- I have no idea why but both of us appeared to be in a super sad mood when we sang this song~
如燕- I guess its pretty obvious that I'm dont play this song a lot, so pardon me for the few geksai face i made throughout the video :X

hope you all enjoyed! till next time!

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