Friday, October 4, 2013

Sweet memories

Time really passes so fast and three years have already passed and I finally graduated! :D
Attended the graduating ceremony today and almost all are in this post :)
Tbh I really enjoyed my time in this school for the past three years even though there are many ups and downs~
I must say I've really improved a lot in this school and many people say that I'm an ahlian (??) when I joined :((( But they cannot deny that I'm not an ahlian or anything now :')

Didn't do anything extraordinary for this last week of school as I really see no reason to. Don't understand why some people want to use these last few days to 'bond' cause I really think it is impossible (and dumb to say that for the sake of saying) as we should already be bonded if we made an effort over these few years.
Tbh i also find it weird cause theres a lot of people saying things like 'it feels just like yesterday when i joined.....' which i personally do not agree. How can anything feel just like yesterday?:0 ok la don't be offended if you use this HAHA.

I also feel very blessed to receive these letters and presents, many of which I wasn't expecting! Thanks <333
some of the gifts from teachers

Shall type some of my messages below(in italics) cause I didn't write any letters this time~

Sat beside jasmine during the ceremony :D Love how our index number is just one after another cause we get to sit tgt most of the times- including chem and phy practical HEHE.

Thanks for being such an awesome friend and appreciating all my lame jokes that not all can understand :P and I must say you've grown more mature alr  :D 
I know you will miss me :D

With Brindha and the photobomber


Hey angeline! Thanks for being such an awesome friend and even though we qifu you sometimes, thanks for being such a great sport and play along with us :D love you <3

Second time I'm graduating from the same school and same class as her! We used to be super close but not as close now but I'm glad we still talk a lot:D <33
we graduated from two same schools too :D
With Huimin :)

With Ruixiang :)
Chen Hui and RuiXiang :)
With Peggy:)
Hey peggy! really must thank you for the beautiful notebook you made for me:) I went speechless when I received it cause its really very beautifully made and I can see the efforts you put into it <33333
With Songlin <3 
Almost cried when she handed me the letter cause of what she told me :') so touching HAHAHAH.

Really glad to have you as my table partner for humans and chinese cause we joke around tgt all the time. And lets continue our signature hand wave whenever we see each other next time hehehe :P

Zihuan <3

Heyyy zihuann! Thanks for your pinkkk cardd <3 I knew you chose the card colour just for me before reading the card leh :D pro annort?  Thanks for spazzing with me sometimes too, love ya and jy for your O levels :)

With Nabilah and Vivien 

With Mr Raja
I think he is a super nice teacher cause he was very encouraging during the evening academy :DD

my sweets provider in class
tbh I'm very thankful to them HAHA. I'm always falling asleep in class and as I sit at the front row, no teacher takes notice of me at all so I'm always not caught. But I miss out on super a lot of things during class. So sometimes when they see me dozing off they will give me sweets to keep me awake. :D
Plus I'm quite sorry cause I'm quite bad to them sometimes, especially zukhairul and kathirvel HAHAH :P

Actually,  I didn't wanted to do anything for graduation initially as I was too lazy. However, on thursday,  Joel gave me a bag of sweets and chocolates and the letter inside made me feel super bad about not doing anything cause everybody was being so nice, so I ended up baking cupcakes! ^^

With Kiantat ! :D
With Yijie
Thanks for the letter and the photographs<3 Really enjoyed gossiping and shopping and singing k with you! Yeap we have to hang out again after O's! Jy for everything and love ya loads!! <3
With Janani:)

With Rona :DD

With Natasha
Really surprised to receive a letter from you cause we don't talk as much compared to last year! You're really a sweet girl and you height makes me very envious whenever i stand next to you! Jiayou for everything :)
With XueSi :)
With Weigen
Hahaha thanks for the letter too! Ya I'm sure I'll miss our KTV sessions at the back of the class every Geog and SS lessons HAHAH. Good luck for your O levels!! :D
With Jywa :D

With Xinmin! <3
With Dina :D
With Doris :D
With Ms hesley!
cutest form teacher ever HAHA! I know she's super nice to us most of the time but she chose to express it in a very sacarstic way! Can't believe I disliked her so much in sec 3 but I actually quite like her now :P
With Huining :)
With Chen Hui
With Kelsey :)
With Sarah :)
With Twinney!
Thanks for the letter too! <3 Really hate how we drifted after choir stopped but I'm glad we're still good friends :D Love ya and good luck for your exams <3
with Yenteng 
With Ivan
HAHA sorry but you look like a kid here! And I win you again this year! Try harder next year okie :P I'm still waiting for my letter and sorry but your cupcake will only come next week! Miss those times we play basketball tgt after school and we shall go again after exams ok! :D
with weichek!
ps for this close eye photo but I only have this in my phone! :(
with Hongshun!
With Xiaoyan :)
With Jiajia:)
Siqi :D
Shixin and another photobomber :P
Hey shixin, thanks for the letter <3 Stay pretty okie :D
With Peggy :D
Thanks for the letter and the cookies you baked for me last time <3 I will miss all our memories tgt!! :')

last message I wanna give is to zhiyan:
hey ps we didn't take any photos today but I'm really thankful for your letter:)  Sleep earlier at night and dont be too much of an owl cause its bad for health :P really enjoyed the times when we go buy drinks and food tgt for evening academy :) 

4/6 :DDD
Received my medal for mass run and I'm super happy cause I improved from 10th position last year to third (in the level)! And today is like my first/second time I go up the hall stage to receive a prize LOL.

I guess what sucks the most is not to be able to say goodbye to anybody, especially if you have no idea whether you will ever meet the person again in your life or not. Really glad for today cause I got to take photos with many people, some whom I may never meet again.

Alright , I guess that's all the photos and messages I wanna say. And I think this is the longest blogpost I've ever wrote and it took my 2 hour plus to resize, upload the photos and type everything. Hope you guys enjoyed reading!!

"Live the life you want"


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