Friday, October 18, 2013


O levels is in two days so I can't do any long posts but only short updates like this!
Kinda worried for my socials studies and amaths, really hope I get the results I want.. 
Had quite a bit of revision this week by returning to school almost everyday. 
My motivation level is building up already but it's still not enough:(

Only had a little de-stress activity on Wednesday where I went to a KTV in orchard! 
The wall was super pretty and shiny so I snapped a photo with it while waiting for the lift :D

Here's my ootd! It's a cut out dress from Supre and a acid washed denim vest from Guess.
I look like a giant here though :x
I realized I rarely wear all the nicer clothes out to save them for the 'better days' and only wear those 'normal clothes' out. Hence, all my nicer clothes are folded in my wardrobe and those casual wear are all hung up... Anyone has the same problem too? T.T

Till next time!

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