Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just for laughs

Small blog post cause I'm free now:)
Went to meet Kwanwei yesterday! 
Here's some photos! 

The next few photos are taken in the dark so I decided to spam some bokeh :D

Worn a super simple tee and shorts and we took some ootd shots for fun! 
Here's one where I look like some malnutritioned kid with an overly large head:( 

Stop judging

Just let me die of sadness LOL

Then when we were going home, we had to go down this super long slope. She had her bike and I didn't :( so we decided to share and she rode me. Halfway down the slope it was too fast for me and I tried to reach for the brakes but couldn't reach it cause I was at the back. Then she lied to me that it wasn't working and I started screaming LOL fml:( there were two girls behind us and I'm sure they judged:') 
Luckily we reached the bottom safely and I realized that the brakes were working :')

I guess my usual life is too boring and the last time I did something like that was when I was primary 3/4 whereby I rode a bike down a staircase with my bro and his friends.

Well, this blogpost is getting kinda boring so I shall share one stupid thing I did last night:
I forgot that my room door was closed and I couldn't really see my room as the lights were off and I sorta slammed into the door:') ouch end of story.

Bye! And thanks for reading my lame stories:D

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