Friday, October 11, 2013

Giving up

Studying is really tiring especially if you have no idea what you're studying for. Don't have much goals in life except to earn enough so that I can afford a flat when I'm 35 years old. But I'm feeling so tired and ready to give up any moment :(
Even my Siri tells me to sleep... 

"How much effort you put in shall be how much you will receive"
I'm really determined to study harder as I do not want to repeat my mistake for PSLE whereby I deproved in the real thing compared to prelims. I was really addicted to pet society at that time wtf. I only studied like a day before the exam and I really regretted. Almost everybody improved and I still remember how my teacher look at me during the real ease of results and said: "not everybody did as well as I expected them to."
Looking back now, I really wished that I did better and not made everybody disappointed. 
But where is my motivation???! 

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