Friday, August 2, 2013


Felt extremely happy this two days cause prelims (1) are finally over today!^^
Didn't have a paper ytd so I went shopping with my mum. 
When to north point to do something there!
Redeemed my yoghurt there too!
Got it from Qoo10 when it was selling at only $1.25! (U.p: $3.90) Super cheap sia omg :X but u all still can get it uh! Just that its $1.80 now! :P
at the bank there, I got rather pissed off.. 
I was helping my mum count her money, so it was a little untidy. I SWEAR A LITTLE ONLY. Then when she passed the money to the person, the person's attitude was super shitty and told us in a very unfriendly manner that we should arrange the notes with the same sides facing up next time and make it neater if not there will be a service charge next time. My face immediately change la -_- cause its like she never even smile or anything when she say that zzzz. And HELLO ISN'T IT HER JOB? Like if she work at the bank, she don't count money then she do what sia zzz. Tsk.

 But after that, my mum and I went back to civic! We were waiting for our turn at the HDB place so while waiting, we went to Starbucks! 
Got my caramel macchiato frapp HEHE SO HAPPY^^
Then I took an ootd photo -
After that we went metro shopping ^^
Was super happy cause she got me a new wallet from guy laroache YAYAYAYAY! Wanted to buy a Pierre Cardin one at first but found this to be better instead!

Mad love the insides cause I can put A LOT of cards and its very bright:D
I took somemore ootd photos when she was choosing her bag too cause I got really bored HAHAH

I thought that the dress felt a little too long even though its supposed to be like that. But nvrm I still love it cause the material feels nice ^^

As for today, we had a super last minute decision to go and sing k! 
Love how they made my day^^
Especially during the break before our bio paper! Cause they made me laugh till there were really tears in my eyes omg :D
for example, Eva was telling me about the olden days when people help each other to copy things onto another paper. Then I say that its the present now and nobody will do that. Then Angeline thought that I was talking about gift kind of present and she thought why the present so powerful to make somebody do the copying job. Then Eva started explaining. But Angeline still didn't get it omg... Then we all thought Eva knew what we were talking about cause her explains sounded really correct... But end up she was explaining about the present (gift) too omg.. I almost died HAHA.. Okay, maybe it doesn't sound funny now.. but its really was just now :P

Played table hockey too and guess who won??? HEHEHHE

Yay rockstars ^^

That's all for now:) bye~

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