Saturday, August 24, 2013


Went studying with Yiling at Starbucks yesterday!
I was listening to earpiece almost the whole time and she wasn't. Then she told me what was happening behind us:

There was a little boy with his father. The little boy apparently was very worried about his lil' sister, who have ran away//wandered off. Then his father told him something like:' since she chose to run off like that, it only serves her right if she get run over by a car.' 
After hearing this, I felt quite upset. As in, I guess there is no need to announce your love to each other each day but there is also no need to curse your loved ones just because they made you angry. 
What do you all think?

Got myself a caramel macchiato frapp too!

This is like the 100th post on this blog so.. Nah I'm not gonna post 100 selfies! Just one :P

Worn this pink off shoulder long sleeved top with blue shorts! Comfort level: 100!

Ok shall end this short update here cause I'm gonna work! Bye~

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