Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekend's here!

Its finally Friday!! I've been feeling so lazy throughout this week and not paying much attention to lessons even though I tried my best to.
Not really a good week, especially today. Felt so moody the whole day and I have no idea why but I seem to be always moody on Fridays. Guess its cause of the hot sun during PE~

Luckily, the day started off okay. Shall share with you all something stupid I did.
I was walking to school and I felt a sharp pain at my toe and the pain kept coming and disappearing. Then i decided to go to the washroom after assembly to remove the 'insect'. I was reaching the toilet and I felt the pain again then I exclaimed :
 " The insect's biting me again!!"
So.. at the toilet, I thought a beetle or some spider will fly out of my shoe but ended up...
It was just a staple bullet. Omg felt so embarrased :P

Received my second BlackBox on wed! It made my day as I wasn't expecting any parcels.
It's a little bigger than my first Blackbox and that makes me even happier :)

Everything came in sample size~
toothpaste and dettol wash.


This small bottle is rather interesting! I gave some to my mother and she liked it a lot! 
Love how it comes in sample size and allow me to try out the products before purchasing :D
psst.. the original bottle (30ml) cost $66+ leh! not cheap ok!
Theres also 6 satchets of sugar blocker tea(?) which I think is considered as diet tea. Don't think I'll be drinking it as it doesn't look safe/healthy :P

A bag of vouchers

last few items was wet wipes! love the sunscreen wipes the most! Used it during PE today and hope it helps me become whiter! Have no idea why I was so crazy and loved to walk under the sun to become tanner when I was younger. And I'm like obsessed to have fairer skin now.
Fair skin come to me please
other wipes
haha looking at the insect repellent wipes reminds me of the day when the school gave a bottle of insect repellent to everybody. Some people decided to use it as a perfume and spray the whole classroom :') And I was told that if I spray it once on myself I get to eat a wafer cube hahahah wth! (I didn't do it though).

Next's week is finally the last week of term 3 and I'm so glad for the short break. Everybody's been getting very competitive recently and I cannot stand all this competition and fakeness around me.

"A friend is just like a shadow, joining you only when there is light and leaving you when it gets dark"

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