Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spring clean

Wanted to turn my body clock back to normal so I didn't take a nap today! Screwed it up cause I didn't sleep the night before physics and geog:( there was just too much content to memorize.. Despite studying so much, i still don't think I can do well for both cause I've always been weak at them:(
So to prevent myself from taking a nap today, I decided to clean my room! 
While cleaning I discovered quite interesting things like pink (temporary) hair dye! Got it from guardian previously at $4.90, but after I bought it I realized there was another shop selling the same thing at $1.80 LOL wtf. I tried it out and my hair still remained black so I washed it off and got myself some tangles :(

Decided to do a mini room tour// 
The makeup products that I recently used. Threw some others away cause I believe they are expired! Yup, makeup have expiry dates too! Mascaras from Mabeline! Love their mascaras since long time ago! Eyeliner from SaSa, eye shadow from Clinique and the rest from Za.

My dresser's table first drawer. Almost all pink <3 love those medicine boxes I got from DAISO cause I can separate all my earrings and still can see everything without opening the boxes. Plus only two dollars :P 

Then... my second drawer, which is rather boring and I rarely open it.
Lappy inside cause I never ever use it anymore, used phones, chargers and tripod stands. Plus a few macaron baking mats and cream syringe for baking cause I'm trying to hide them from my mum HAHA..

Then my most commonly opened compartment:
-eyes compartment- can you see how much I love my eyes HAHA. crazily stocked up on lenses previously and I have 8 unopened pairs now omg.. theres even 3D glasses inside hehe:B
Some decorations- musical (box?) I got for my 13th birthday, plus an earring stand with the earrings I will never wear.

Then my cameras compartments and my sewing machine! Never learnt how to use it properly and I think I've spoilt it alr cause it made a weird sound the last time I used it...
Off to my wardrobe now! Not gonna show you all any clothes cause most of the recent buys are all folded cause I ran out of hangers:( 
My accessories holder- the necklace side! Really love this holder! Cheap and my favorite colour hehe! Don't really use these necklace now cause I only use one now.
Can you spot my favorite necklace?^^
This side contains more frequently used accessories cause its more convenient to stuff back after using ~~

So that's about half my room! I'm super proud cause I spent three hours cleaning it! With soap too leh hehe. Plus i washed  and folded all my clothes. I think I deserve praises :P
 Before and after:
No idea why my things always fall to the floor:( 
Cause it happens all the time, even in class where all my pens will drop zzzz -_-

Shall clean the other half tomorrow since there's no school^^
Ok don't judge >.<

Went running after that and I ate an Access chocolate bar my bro got before running ! (He's sort of working for that company I think) 
Apparently its supposed to turn fats into fuels, read some online reviews before eating and I think its not bad! Ran around three times last week and this week and did some core exercises! Finally lost half an inch around the waist area omg. I think it really worked for me cause previously I ran a lot too but didn't lost any fats. So I must say I really love it Hehe! Anyw! If you all wanna get it too, you all can get the membership from my bro! Just tell me can alr :D

Okie thanks for reading:) nights x

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