Thursday, August 8, 2013


Happy (temporary) holidays!^^

There was a celebration in school for national day and hari raya yesterday!:)
Liked the Indian dance performance the most^^ their costumes were super pretty:)
Camwhored a little in class before the performance ~~

With Eva^^
After taking this photo, I realized that my fringe got something sticking out:( 
Then jasmine decided to come to my rescue and we had a hair cutting session outside class :D

End product- with my hair dresser :P
With Angeline:) -making the school toilet to full use:D
With Rachel:)
After the celebration, I went to sing k with Songlin, Siqi and Jiajia!^^
Jiajia :)
We got a room beside Zihuan they all! 
So when my room was singing Korean songs, I went next door^^
Yiling! Sang 煎熬 with her but I cmi and then rushed back to my room when Songlin they all came over and say the song 气球 was playing HAHAH
With yijie:)

And Weigen was super qiao so I took a photo of him when he super 陶醉 with himself LOL


Okie that's all for now^^
Happy national day and Selamat Hari Raya!^^


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