Friday, July 26, 2013

No title..

Can't think of a title for this blog post so it shall have no tittle. 
Been feeling rather depressed lately and I have no idea why. Can't fall asleep at night and there were twice when I got woken up just cause my family was talking and I stayed up for three hours cause I couldn't get back to sleep. I also wake up at 3am suddenly very often:( 
Don't really know why I'm blogging this as I'm not really used to blogging about feelings, haven't had a habit of jotting down feelings ever since I'm small. my diarys since primary schools only contained information of where I went and what I did and I often stop writing after the first few pages.

I'm also very emotional very lately and cry over small things. Really small things. 
Also realized that I've drifted away from almost everybody cause I don't really trust anyone now. Like, they only come to you when you're needed. And I realize that I like to be alone nowadays. Used to be so afraid to be alone but now i don't really feel anything anymore.

Have been studying very hard this whole week for the socials studies paper today. I always get 4/25 for SBQ last time, and. There was once I got a 3/25 even though the lowest that you can ever get is 4 cause there's one mark for each question -_- 
However, I'm Improving recently and have been getting a few 11/25 and one 12/25^^ don't expect much from today's paper but I think I understood the sources so I THINK that maybe I can pass or get a B as I really memorized for the SEQs. 
For the amaths paper, I forgot how to integrate during the exam. sucks to be me. 
Sometimes, I don't know why I'm studying so hard. Something just tells me that I should study hard but I really have no idea why I should. I definitely have no idea what I wanna do in future and I'm not enjoying myself at all now. Can't wait for all to be over. 


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