Friday, July 19, 2013

Racial harmony day + movie

Monday was racial harmony day and I took quite a lot of photos! Didn't change into ethnic costume cause I was lazy.. (Here's last year's post if you're interested.. It's at the very bottom: )


Then me and Zihuan decided to ε››θΏžζ‹ LOL

That's pretty much about it for the celebration I guess~
Was supposed to watch Lone Ranger last last wed but the show was cancelled last minute!
So I got movie passes instead and watched it with jasmine ytd!

I found it to be quite okay only... There's one part where a man ate another man's heart and I really couldn't stand it LOL.
Didn't really understand the whole show but I think I understood at the end.. >.<

Going for the 10km run this Sunday and I really hope I can finish it.
I have been training for quite some time but I think I ran too much on Monday and my leg kinda hurts now :(
Ohwell, good luck to me bah :B

 byebye and thanks for reading :>

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