Sunday, July 21, 2013

Race against cancer '13

Can't sleep cause I got woken up by noise and feeling super irritated now:(
So I shall blogged about what happened yesterday//just now:)

Woke up at about 3.45 cause its too hot and I decided to get ready since my alarm was supposed to ring in 20 minutes time..
Reached east coast at about 6am! There were quite a lot of people there alr omg..

Walked around till the race started, which was about 7.30+

With my aunt:) 

Camwhored with the balloons too hehe.
My leh was still hurting from Monday so I couldn't run very fast:( after 3 km I just kept walking :( there were a few people who were very kind and kept asking me to go on. Love the good spirits over there! After about 4-5 km my leg stopped hurting alr but I was very tired so I still continued walk//jog.. Only started to run after 7km and each km was thmm xinku sigh:(  its like u turn to your right, its the sea. Turn to your left, its the trees.. And when you turn to the right again.. It's still the sea:( making the run feel as though its never ending:(
but I eventually completed the race, after about 1hour plus omg x.x super disappointed with myself for being so tired :( but can't do anything so...... 
I shall to feel proud with a medal:B

Then I camwhored with the balloons i took while on the way home, retrieving my childhood back with the balloons:D
Look at my disgusting curled up hair:(

Think I shall try to run again next year bah.. 
Nights and thanks for reading:)
Ps: here's something to tempt you for supper:D

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