Friday, July 5, 2013


Went to causeway point today after school cause I need to meet my brother to pass him things! Worn shades while I was on the bus as there is a huge pimple on my nose and I'm very shy to see strangers + people I know... But still saw people I know in the end and my shades camouflaging didn't work OMG life sucks :(

Ootd was a velvet top with shorts!

After meeting my bro I went to library and completed one maths paper and half an amaths paper which is super big achievement on a Friday hehe!

Came home and realized that I received my blackbox sample after waiting for it for two months! It has one shampoo and one conditioner!^^ was rather pleased when I received them as I've been dropping a lot(I mean it) of hair recently and I wanted to change my shampoo! So I guess I'll just try these out first:) hope I don't go bald soon:(

Ok ending this short update with a photo of my supper:
Doesn't look much but its super nice and healthy cause it has soya milk rather than the usual sugar water and it also has sesame glutinous balls :D


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