Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wise time spent

So proud to say that I've been spending my time very wisely this week :D
It's like I don't waste as much time on my phone or tv everyday already!
And best is that I have at least 7 hours of sleep each day, but I always waste time to get myself to sleep which is super sad cause I have to lie on bed for at least 40minutes before I fall asleep:(

But I spent yesterday and today quite wisely cause I went homeworking with songlin ^^ Yiling then joined us at a later time with Zihuan and Winnie but they stayed for a while only. Finished about 1 and a half papers yesterday!

Drinks Songlin and I got! 

Had mocha cookie crumble(right) and I quite liked it:) 

As for today, met Yiling at 8 in the morning at Starbucks again:D

Got the same drink again while Yiling got her greentea frapp!

Went to meet the others at library at about 11! Continued to do homework until 2 then we had lunch and headed to rp. Lost my concentration so I camwhored there
Ootd- velvet top from Serena vogue or something from plaza sing.
Shorts from the tinsel rack(miyoc) during the warehouse sale.
Yay for messy hair :B
Hope I can persevere like this till after 'O's
Bye and thanks for reading this short update:)

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