Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So apparently nothing cropped up last week and I have nothing to blog about :(
So.. I'm sorry for the lack of updates:b

Had my chem spa today and hope I did not commit any mistakes and got penalized cause I screwed up the first one:/
As for tmr, it's choir syf and I'm kinda excited. Glad Ive learnt from my mistake two years ago and joined syf this time round as I really need Cca points :/

As for this blog post, it'll be about my Saturday. I didn't want to post about it initially as I did not take much photos and it'll be super boring for you all. However, Since this space here is so dead, I shall just write about it:)

Firstly, on Saturday, I went to the bank and made my debit card cause my online application was not successful as I forgot to save the thing:(
So happy cause I can get stuff online easier now!

Then I went I meet Yijie at Mac where she was eating with Weigen!
After they finished eating, yijie and i took 962 and went to MIYOC warehouse sale;D

Reached there at about 10 plus and there were a lot of people queuing alr! Luckily we also typical Singaporeans and were considered early~
So at 11, the doors opened and we went in. l bought a shirt and two pairs of shorts at $10 each. So wonderful right LOL.

After that, we went back to causeway and had KFC.


After eating, we walked around causeway and went to timezone and had a round of jubeat.. But causeway was too boring so I decided to go Bugis earlier while Yijie went home!
So I reached Bugis at around 3 and walked around until jasmine came:)

I have no idea why but I walked a different way from usual and a weird man came towards me and bothered me with a lot of stupid questions like what am I working as and etc but in the end he just forced me to buy a pen from him. He told me the pen was two dollars but I didn't have change and he said he had. So I gave him $10 and he kept bugging me and said to return me only $2. I was obviously very irritated alr when his friend came too and told me to take out another $10 to help him buy pen. Like hello.. Why do I want two stupid pens at $20? So I told the first guy to return me my change and went off. It's like I understand that they are making a living but seriously, to take my money and bug me to give it to them is like no difference from stealing plus it wasn't even for charity. It was for their own profits zzz. Don't understand why they don't want to get a proper job which can earn them more -_-
Okay rant finish already:D

After Bugis, we went to plaza sing and I got more clothes cause one shop was moving out and had a major sale <3333

Spent about $100 that day but I got a lot of clothes and everything I got was less than $12.

Here's my ootd and lotd;)

Thanks for reading and I promise I'll do a proper update soon:)

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