Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tiring week

Omg it's another Monday:(
Last week was so busy that I didn't have time to blog!
Got myself quite a few injuries on my fingers even though idk why:0
Then when we had chem experiment last week, some of the dilute sulfuric acid entered the cut and it was super painful fml.
I can totally imagine the pain of the people being disfigured by industrial strength sulfuric acid:( but luckily my finger is okay now hehe.
Then thurs finally came and I got back my mother tongue o level results! Was expecting lower and I couldn't believe it when the teacher told me i got what i wanted and I had no emotions. I only started feeling happy when I received my results slip^^
Shall work hard from now onwards as I'm still very motivated LOL.
As for fri, had choir and the most unlucky thing happened to me during sectionals:(
Was standing under the staircase at the piano area then there was a sec one who sprayed water( I think ) down from the 5th floor and it landed on me. I have no idea why but I continued standing there, and after about 10 minutes, something landed on my head again and this time I thought it was birdshit as the impact was quite hard LOL. Then xiaoyan started telling me that it was spit and I felt super disgusted-.-
Then in the end me, xiaoyan and Kelly went to fifth floor to find the spitter but we couldn't find him anyw. Omg if he ever appear in front of me I swear I will spit back in his face_|_

Then on sat I had work, started off doing ice cream first then as it was Saturday afternoon, the crowd was like abcdefg!.
Then had my break and after which I did counter!^^ didn't do counter for quite a long time then my reaction was super 迟钝!
Was supposed to go home at 8, but the crowd was so much that I extended till 10!

As for today, lessons was until 3.30 and I almost died:(
But there was PE and it was super fun YAY!^^
Then after that we had bio and Chen hui made a funny joke XD
When ms tang asked when does our body release adrenaline, he actually answered: when we get horny, and the whole class cracked up!

Just sold away my acrylic nails set for a super cheap price and I'm feeling upset, but since I do not have time to use it, I guess it's okay! *self consoles*

Sorry for the lack of photos in this wordy post!! Do stay tune to my next few posts ^^


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