Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It was Krystal's birthday ytd so I went to meet her(:
Went to the post office before that so i had to carry a huge parcel and I almost didnt alight from the bus cause it was too crowded and I couldn't make my way through >;(

Happy Birthday <333333

we went to woodlands mart first to get bubble tea!
Then after that we went to her house and..
Taffy, Yongting and Jiajun were waiting there to give her a surprise :D
Took some photos at the staircase(:
[photo cr. to Taffy]
Individual shots with everybody


Then we decided to pose with our legs HEHE

Acting like models in the first pic :P

Favourite Photo !
As for today in class, a lot of people was sick:(
Get well soon :D

Schoolwork is really getting quite ridiculous now nowadays so I'm really glad that there's not much homework yesterday and today:D

Listened to this song 你为什么说谎 and I found the lyrics super meaningful.
这次我走开 再没有话要说出来
我不想再期待走下去 还能多精彩
你说你还在 一分一秒也没走开
我想留在这里 可是这一切已太晚
你不必解释 你为什么说谎
你不能说我没有爱过 说我没等过难过
我也想说 也许能重来我却还是沉默
而我的泪 怎么就流下来 .

keeping this post short so thanks for reading! ^^

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