Friday, January 4, 2013


Omg i've not been blogging this few days as I was quite busy to finish my assignments >.<
This blog is just my updates as usual hehe.
went out last thurs with Kelly! Was a last minute decision as we planned to go out previously but was cancelled.  then we went to collect our parcel ^^

 We reached causeway and a funny cum irritating salesman approached us to buy his products, and I swear he super extreme cause he even say until his wife LOL. Plus he kept correcting my Chinese then make me very paiseh :@
Collected out parcel and we were quite shocked cause we didn't expected it to be so big :X (2.6 kg LOL)

Cut my fringe that day as it was quite long and make me very xinku as I couldn't see properly :(

Me and Kelly
new fringe
After I cut then I went to take the bus and totally forgotten that I had things to buy so I went back to causeway again :XAnd this time I went to watsons and got myself my contacts solution and some other items. I saw this collagen solution/serum for sale at $5 only (U.P:$17) so i got it. Tried it out at night with a mask and my pores did become more refined :D , but then i not sure whether it is due to the mask or the collagen treatment thing LOL so if you wanna try it, go get it with a mask. ~
After which I went to meet kelly again to collect my items (in the parcel), and that day i received another two parcels from my postman hehehe <3333333
Loots on thurs<3

Then on friday evening, I went to Buffet dinner with family at Royal Plaza On Scotts Hotel with family <3
The food was super nice so I kept eating and took very little photos :/
One of my favourite was the fondue hehe . Then in the end I decided to be healthy and make myself a salad :D However, I thought and assumed that one of the sauces was thousand island sauce and put quite a considerable amount of my salad but turned out that it wasn't and tasted like some mustard so I didn't really liked it after that :(
fondue  /// crabs

Haha okay posted enough photos of food :P
Heres my outfit for that day and photos with cousins :D
With Crystal
With Regina

Then on 31st Dec 2012 evening I went to countdown for 2013 at civic!!
Outfit of the night!
 Went to civic at 8 plus to meet Krystal, Jiajun, yongting, pamela and yixin. Then we sat down and enjoyed the performances^^
Plus point is that got one of the performance the performer on the left quite shuai then i keep spazzing about him to Krystal LOL.
But then we were sitting at the front then behind us got one auntie and uncle keep taking video of the performance tsk.
Then in one of the videos they recorded  my head throughout -.-
Diulian forever fml.
Then after that munhui and her bf came and joined us ^^
photos :
group photos

With krystal and Jiajun :D

didn't take until photos with yongting :(
With Krystal
With Jiajun
okay la, nice photos are boring so here's a funny one :p
Idk why but we were both laughing at something when the photo was taken LOL. 
then there was a mascot coming out and i didn't dare to ask for a photo so I took one without asking:D
Then at 11 plus I started calling (almost)everybody in my contacts to wish advanced happy new year ^^
And most of the replies I got was : 'siao uh' , 'LOL'
super sad de sigh.
but I shall share one funny one from Xinmin :
she was super innocent then asked me whether its 12am alr then she checked her phone LOLOLOL.
Cute ^^
Then at 00:00 the fireworks performances started ^^ took some photos and my phone shut down at 12.02 :(
This year's fireworks was quite long, I think it was longer than last year's but Idk I felt that the fireworks were smaller but nvrm cause I still enjoyed it :D

then after that walked home with yongting then I keep spazzing to her hehe sorry :P

And I spent my pathetic new year chiong-ing my holiday assignment :(

Then wed after school I went with my mum to visit my mum's friend who just gave birth to a pretty girl hehe. But I was kinda scared of babies so I didn't carry it :X

second pic :p


Good news is i bought four pairs of socks :DDDDD crazily in love with socks recently hehe.

Then yesterday(friday) in the morning i woke up super early cause I can't sleep as usual sigh.
which was a super big mistake cause I came across this blogshop then as usual I could not help myself sigh.
Then I continued my shopping during SS cause lessons was quite slack then I ordered my stuff!! Hehehe so happy <3 but then one of the shorts i buying was out of stock so i got this two items only :(

velvet dress

Tribal mono color backpack

After school I went to kfc with zihuan after chiong-ing home cause dismissal was delayed as there was a JC open house briefing :( Then after the briefing I became quite confused and idk what to choose after my O's, but since its one year later so nvrm la not to worry now :D
But then my chinese result coming soon and I think it will be disappointing sigh:(
but i can only cross my fingers and wish for the best now hehe.

After KFC,  we chionged again to choir. We saw Mr wong and we walked faster cause we wanted to be in front of him hehe. which then made me realized that my stamina was super lousy omg.
so after choir, me, xiaoyan , kelly and sandra ran 5 rounds around the parade square with rachel who is super gandong now :P was in this crazy mood since afternoon and now i'm packed with energy , so hope i don't have any sleeping issues later :/

oh and lastly i want to recommend an app : 手机音乐电台 , is like you can download any songs into your phone through this app <3

okay there's work tomorrow from 8 until about 4 I think (pray it ends at 12)...
so I shall go to sleep now! 

ending off this lengthy post with this message I saw from instagram~

Bye !

P.S : Did you noticed that my header now changes every 3 seconds?  :P
And happy belated 2013 !!!

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