Monday, January 7, 2013

Short update..

Happy Monday! Anybody having Monday blues?:(

Omg it's like such a hot weather today I almost melted;(
Can't believe that I was actually complained of the coldness last week, haha 人就是这样,失去了才想到曾经..   LOL
Slept only 4 hours last night as I was busy chionging my homework as I had no time in the day due to a steamboat gathering with my mum's friends at home!^^
And thanks Mia for the wonderful pencil case!:D
Ate for like 5 hours ytd so I was quite glad that there was pe today!:D
Played captains ball and my team had Xuesi, Winsoon, Eugene and deeba!
We lost but I had fun so nvrm~~
Then during English lesson, me,jasmine and Angeline went to class late as we were buying books and hence got scolded >:(
After school we had height and weight and guess what !! My height increased by 1.4cm :D
It's 162.4 now yay!!
As for the weight, it increased by 2kg  compared to last year so no point saying it here.. Guess I ate too much KFC ;p

Since its such a hot day, I shall make you all jelly:p
Just had red bean ice cream<333

Hehe it doesn't matter if you don't have ice cream at home cause you can make your own Popsicle!!!
Made apple flavored ones today and they are super easy!!
Just pour 1part of concentrate with 3-4parts of water!
(I like to make it sweeter as the taste disappear when it is cold)
And yay I can have ice cream 2hours later;D
Plus the ice cream maker is super cheap at $2 from daiso!!
Pretty plus useful right!?
Hahas but if you don't have this then just pop some grapes/strawberries into the freezer, I swear they are super heaven<333

Ok shall stop posting about food lol, gonna do my homework now! Byebye😘

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