Friday, January 25, 2013

Nail polish rings review

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Have you all ever tried going out but couldn't find what accessories to match with whatever you're wearing?
Well, it happens a lot to me cause I just can't get myself to go out without accessories hehe.
But then the problem comes, which accessory should you wear so that you will not see a twin outside with the same things as you?

Furthermore, if you are wearing long sleeved tops, you will realise that accessories become super limited cause you cannot wear arm candies as they would just simply hide inside your sleeves.

So... in this post I shall talk about The polish alley!!

They sell super unique accessories like nail polish rings, earrings and necklaces.
So you must be wondering now, what is a nail polish accessory right?
Nail polish + Ring ??

Nail polish rings are actually handmade rings created using nail polish and glass cabochons! Now you not only can have those beautiful effects on your nails, you can have them sealed in a ring and wear them as and when you like!
Nail polish ring

( ) ( )

I was sponsored two super pretty rings so I can't help it but to spam photos with them(:

In a maroon velvet dress/top

Ring standing out:D


I am captain jacksparrow.

Wore the ring upside down :0

I have nice rings and you dont :P (for now)
I look mature here hehehehe

And even though you can't really see in the photos, the rings are really shiny irl so I found it quite hard to take clear photos of them:(
Not only can you wear them with long sleeved tops , you can wear them even when you're just wearing Teeshirts and shorts! Just love how versatile they are! Not to mention unique-ness since they are handmade.
pinktee*studded highwaist

They are selling the 17mm ones at $6 and 22mm ones at $8 only!!
Do visit them and like their facebook page okay!
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Other than the two rings which I took photos of, they have more pretty designs on their web too!!
Some of the stuff I would recommend you all to get from the web would be these:
Leopard prints<3


Earring that changes colour under sunlight !

Not only that, I must mention their necklaces are super pretty, especialy this one below, it will go perfectly with a pastel coloured/turquoise dress hehe.

Neon Necklace

 They are selling nail polishes too!

China Glaze

 All items include free normal postage.

 Do visit and like their facebook page!

Their facebook page at:
and their official web at:

Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. hi

    may I ask what they please,to your velvet dress / top

    is very important to me

    Please please contact me


    1. Erm sorry I don't really understand what you are asking:(

  2. sorry for my english

    but please do not be angry

    I have interest of the velvet dress the can i have it

    I would pay them what they want.
    if I could have it.

    I offer 200 to 250 €
    for one


    1. I got it from a shop long ago but its sold out alr:( so I don't think there's anymore stock... Will tell you again if I see the shop selling it?

  3. yes they can.
    or can I have her?

    for the money.