Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rp open house!

Omg the weather is super good to us today<3 (even though i almost slipped down the staircase after school >.< )
Went to rp open house after school today!
It was super crowded and the people super friendly :o
Got a can of coke but I couldn't open cause the can lid was spoilt sigh.
Then Zihuan gave me hers hehe thanks;p

Went to the toilet cause it was quite boring and jasmine left her phone there accidentally~
Luckily we found it afterwards!

Think the best part was that there was ice cream and sweets LOL.

Took a few photos after that ^^

With jasmine and Zihuan <3

Messy hair :O

Haha for this photo below, we wanted to make double chins cause I became very obsessed with double chins just now though idk why :O
But we didn't in the end :P

Angeline and eva <3

With annabelle <3

with weigen

With Ruixiang 

With peggy ^^
Omg pls look at Ruixiang's epic face in the background :P

Hehe my apple popsicle :D
Popsicle i made ytd !
Shall end off this short update with a photo from my instagram :D


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