Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I've always believed that if I told someone something, its like giving my trust to you on not to spread it with everybody. But well, I guess I should stop having this thinking sigh. But seriously speaking, you should either forget about the thing or just keep it to yourself zzz. Was more upset about this compared to the other incident. Oh well, fake friends everywhere and I guess you'll be "good friends" with people only when you're needed. But I guess that's something to be happy about cause it shows that you have 利用价值?
Okay, just trying to be positive here heh.

Haha enough of rants!
Lessons were pretty much boring today except for Maths cause idk why I felt quite shuang and paid attention:)
Then after lessons, had choir!
Then mr Wong suddenly said that there's a mock audition! Then while waiting for our turns, we became crazy kept singing and dancing LOL.

Then after choir I went to cwp to meet up with writing and another blogshop customer and Weiting gave me a nice cake hehe so happy!
Ok thanks for reading and here's some of the photos taken today! Face was pretty shag as I did not have enough sleep so don't judge:(

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