Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Choir <3

Hehe had choir today! Like one month plus no see everybody alr omg.
Was so happy to see everybody cause missed them a lot hehe.
Hehe liked the sectionals the most cause its fun plus slack :D
Ohh and thank you Kelly for giving me my Christmas present a.k.a souvenir.
Really thoughtful of you to remember me when you go On Your holiday:p
love the shorts a lot <3333

Then after choir I went home and napped cause I was super tired omg, like so long since I slept properly alr. Forever can't sleep at night sia wtf:(

Ok now I want to talk about something else. Was super irritated just now cause the other time I asked you for help, u were online on whatsapp all the time and you couldn't be bothered to reply me. Like seriously , if you could not be bothered to teach me or anything then just tell me straight k. I was waiting for your stupid reply foolishly -.-
Then whenever you're bored you just come and talk to me about yourself, like u shuang then talk to me only plus all the convos are so self centered and you just keep going on and on about yourself zzz.
Super 利用 only lo wtf, since you alr have so many people to talk to then why even bother to talk to me. Ok bye I dw to waste my time blogging about this.

Recently I liked this song called 错的人 by 萧亚轩. The lyrics super nice hehe.

  爱得太真 太容易 让自己牺牲
  太容易 不顾一切 满是伤痕
  我太笨 明知道你是错的人
  可能 在爱里面这样算笨
  可能 永远没有所谓永恒
 但是我 不愿放弃这里面一点点可能
  宁愿笨也不想要悔恨 "
Go listen k:p

Ok shall eat my dinner now bye!^^

Oh and a photo from ytd cause I was bored :D

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