Sunday, December 2, 2012


Omg it's like the 2nd of December alr!
Time passed really fast.
So fast and 2012 is going to be over~
And it's like 5 more days and I worked in McDonald's for one year exact alr ;p (Can't wait for my bonus:p )
Haha still remember that when I first join work , it was 4 people (Jiajun, shun hui and Junyuan )
Then now all quit :(
Left me only LOL! Made some new friends through work but I think I will not continue to work next year alr cause really need to concentrate in studying~

Okay la short update today cause I really have no idea how and no mood to truly blog today ! So tired from work! But still, need to work for long hours for the next two week so I can clear my annual leave hehe!!
Finally can work afternoon shift tmr sia ! 12 to idk when;p
So long never work afternoon alr !
Can see different people !^^

Hehe and there's gonna be a crew gathering this thurs ! So excited whee~

Went for photoshoot last thurs and I'm not really looking forward to receiving the photos because I looked so ugly in them omg. Super disappointed after seeing the photos haish. Born ugly ;(

Anyw, i spent my time this few days to watch drama !! Super nice ! Would suggest you all to watch too:p

"Alice In Wondercity"
The guy inside super talented and handsome and cool omg <3

Okay , will do a reflection post about 2012 In the next two weeks(:

Happy December <3

Ps. I kinda miss you.


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