Friday, November 30, 2012


This is like going to be a very bitchy blog post so ppl are free to judge me.

One of the questions I detest most recently is : "what are you doing?"

Cause if I answer watching TV , ppl will ask me what show I'm watching etc..
Then I have no idea whether they have STM or whatever ; they"ll come back and ask me what I'm doing again in a few hours . Then funny thing is I'm still watching the same show (dramas have long episodes) then they"ll ask me what show I watching again -.-
Then like they forever asking me what channel I'm watching on. I watch on mio TV okay ! Then they"ll say they don't have the channel etcetera (which I alr know because the story repeats and repeats every time )
I always wonder , won't they get bored of my replies ? It's always the same.
Next scenario is that when I'm busy sometimes , like watching video or whatsoever, my phone will vibrate and it disturbs me. Yes I'm self centered. I don't like to be disturbed unless u have a good reason to disturb me frequently . You do not send me rubbish and expect me to reply you with nice stuff . For example , how would you be able to reply to a text like this ;
"my friend is a donkey "
All I can say is good for you , and I will feel that I'm boring because I do not know what to reply as I do not know your friend.

Yes , I feel guilty whenever I give ppl shitty replies . I will feel that I'm wasting your time .

It makes me feel worthless .

However , sometimes ppl just keep continuing with their conversation of how interesting their lives are and I'm over here thinking : wow.

They"ll tell me every single detail which I'm not interested in.
If you want to tell me, it's fine but please summarize everything into one short text as I have short attention spans.

I'm an Aries , and Aries are impatient people.

Patience is NOT my virtue.

And sometimes, what I hate most is that people think I owe them or whatsoever.

When I reply "LOL" when I have nothing to say , they will demand at me ; 'don't keep lol me. '
Yes I know that "lol-ing" people is rude but its kinda a habit alr and I'm really bored .
Next is they'll think that I'm born to entertain them :(
One typical example is that I receive a text saying : "I'm bored."
That's it , two words .
So I'm supposed to interpret this two words and say something ?
Oh and funny thing is , they reply me everyone hour even though they are bored . How do you expect me to believe that you are bored when you do not reply me fast?

And I'll be thinking , I'm an entertainer and have a 任務 to talk to you when you're bored ?

Well if that's the case , I quit this ren wu of being an entertainer.

And sometimes , I ignore people . Yes ,this is bad , but I will not ignore people for no reason. I used to reply to all texts , but if you spam me and keep asking me the same questions , I'll just reply you the same thing which is quite meaningless as I do not have unlimited messages and only a mere 900 per month .
Yes there is whatsapp, but when the last seen thing kinda makes me angry . I feel freaked out sometimes when you start a chat with my like whenever I'm online .
I feel like I'm being watched.
And I'll sometimes lie and say I need to charge my phone.

And lying makes me feel guilty.

And the next time I get online , you send in a message straight away again.
Then weird thing is I ignore , and you'll start a chat via SMS. LOL.
However, some people just spam till I reply.


Some will just crack lame jokes and keep laughing and entertain themselves without giving a damn to what I say. I'm sure if you are talking to yourself , you'll be very entertained.

But I must say I love lame jokes cause I'm lame too :D
But too many is seriously boring me out.

Actually truth is that I'm lazy to SMS unless you're important to me.
I prefer calling as it makes me less tired.
I love to talk , but not through SMS-ing.

So call me if you really need to talk.

Texting is conversing through texts and different people will feel differently over the same text.
For instance , I can say this:"funny."
And you'll think that you're really funny and continue when I was just being sacarstic.
Secondly, you laugh at me and make negative comments on how I look and think that you are very entertaining and caught my attention cause you're funny.
But deep inside , I feel hurt because I cannot live up to your expectations.
Worse still, you repeat your jokes. Which means stabbing me over and over again while thinking that it's FUNNY.
So if you really want say me or what the just say once. I got you the FIRST time.

Oh and people reading this must be thinking now that I'm such a bitch who only wants to voice out how she feels and does not give a damn to other's opinions.

But no, if you tell me serious stuff , I will not be insensitive about it and keep blabbering about myself or ignore you.

So, I'm sorry to those that I offended through this post , I'm just voicing out how I feel.

Shall end this blog post now, bye ~

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